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West Coast Quartz & Worldex, 7 Minutes

This trade show video depicts Silicon Valley high tech manufacturing at its best. West Coast Quartz (WCQ) makes the parts which hold silicon wafer chips as they’re being manufactured. The holders are made of the same silicon material as the chips, and the specifications, tolerances and cleanliness of manufacturing them has to match that of the finest wafers.

West Coast Quartz is now owned by a South Korean company, Worldex, so its operation is spread across two countries. Both sides of the company needed a video program for trade shows which shows off the company’s extensive resources and capabilities. eIMAGE shot at WCQ’s plant in Fremont, California and at the Worldex factory in Gumi, South Korea.

The Korean portion of the shoot was a whirlwind affair: Andy Linda traveled to Gumi for two days of shooting and then returned immediately to start the edit, so in essence he traveled for three days and shot for two. We hired a local crew in Korea and they were excellent. They brought a translator just to make sure, but Andy managed to communicate with even the non-English speaking crew members directly; after all, they’re all seasoned professionals and know what is expected of them. The lesson from this experience: with a good crew, language is no barrier and we can shoot just about anywhere.

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