Don’t Wait – Version C, Landscape Format

San Francisco Health Services System, 40 seconds

A city government needed to promote the mental health services it offers its employees. The concept was to show that all department heads are in support, to minimize any stigma that may be associated with seeking these services. eImage created a number of variations to include all the San Francisco leaders who were willing to take part in this video program, and to direct different audiences to different sources of help with various permutations of the call-to-action each program has at the end.

The client wrote the basic script and eImage chopped it into variations A, B and C, keeping each program under a minute long.

Note that this landscape version takes advantage of the widescreen format by positioning each person in a different place on the screen. Compare that to the portrait-formatted versions for social media below.

Don’t Wait – First Responder Version A
for Smartphone Social Media

San Francisco Health Services System, 46 seconds

This is a version of the program created specifically for smartphone social media. Because of the limited real estate of the vertical (portrait) format, we re-edited the whole thing so that each face is exactly in the same position; in fact, it is the eyes that are lined up for each person. We also re-positioned all the names, and burned in the subtitles (open captions) because social media generally doesn’t have an option for closed captioning which the user can turn on or off.

The First Responder variation of the program has different leaders appearing on-camera and it has different contact information at the end. We also used different music for each version to keep the program fresh.

Don’t Wait – First Responder Version A
(with three different overlays)

San Francisco Health Services System, 46 seconds

We presented a preview of the program to our client with YouTube Shorts and Instagram smartphone overlays so they can preview how the program will be seen on a typical phone. For this Portfolio page we also included a TikTok overlay to demonstrate the importance of these overlays. See how unacceptably close the subtitles are to the TikTok interface?

Trust a professional like eIMAGE and insist on seeing such overlays ahead of time to avoid surprises after your project is posted on social media.

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