Homeless Management Information System – What is HMIS?

County of Shasta, 6:22 Minutes

Homeless Management Information System – What is CoC?

County of Shasta, 9:01 Minutes

Homeless Management Information System – What is CES?

County of Shasta, 6:48 Minutes

Good information is a solid foundations for good results. In the effort to alleviate homelessness, Shasta County assists six other Northern California counties in using a state-mandated Homeless Management Information System. It is a computer database that tracks every individual receiving homeless services. It ensures that each county’s resources are expended effectively and efficiently and that neighboring counties work in harmony with each other.

eImage spent a week in Northern California documenting the work of government agencies, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations, as well as capturing the stories of people currently experiencing homelessness, or those who have been helped out of homelessness by various organizations. To create an “honest” documentary, to be totally mobile and to keep to the limited budget, we chose to shoot all B-roll in a cinéma vérité style with several hand-held cameras. Interviews are done with a tripod-mounted camera and appropriate lighting. A three-person crew handled the entire project. The biggest challenge was pre-production of coordinating the story and the shooting schedule with so many participants spread over such a large area. Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, at the last minute we ended up with even more shooting opportunities than we could cover with a locked-in schedule. It was a fun, exhausting project with results we are pleased with.

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