Water Recycling Facility Tour

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Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility Tour

West Basin Municipal Water District, 5½ Minutes

What do you do when you have the largest water recycling facility of its kind in the United States, you want to educate the public about your mission and your methods, but you have to close the facility to tour groups because of construction? You commission a video!

That’s what the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo, California did in November 2017. They hired our partner Daniel Gamburg of Enlightened Pictures to produce the program, who in turn worked with eImage’s Andy Linda to develop a script. Since most of the tour groups are for school children, the client wanted a young narrator to host the program. 19-year-old Nicholas Linda fit that bill. He is a student of Sustainable Environmental Design and the subject matter of water recycling is near and dear to his heart.

The shoot took two fairly easy days because of Daniel’s meticulous planning. Andy Linda used the in-house Sony FS7 Mark II camera to shoot the project in 4k. Daniel edited on a Premiere Pro system and the final product was a DVD and a Blu-ray disc.

The only disappointment with this project was that we all wanted to shoot drone footage of the facility. Unfortunately, because of the facility’s proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, the FAA never granted us permission to fly. But there is one drone shot: the second shot of the program when the narrator walks out of the front door of his house. Notice how easily the drone handles flying over the iron fence. Even this single shot dresses up the production tremendously; wish we could have done more.

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