Full Harvest Cycle

Financial Times, 2:48 Minutes

There’s no better way to promote a product or service than to have a video news story about it, especially from a trusted news source like London-based Financial Times. Here is a video we shot for a branch of the Times in November 2022. Our portion of the shoot are the cauliflower and Brussels sprouts fields being harvested in Watsonville, CA, as well as the interviews with Christine Moseley and Brian Peixoto, done on the same day at the same location. We uploaded 100GB of our raw video footage to the client’s file sharing portal and editing was done in London using some footage shot in other locations.

This is a fairly typical video project for us where we send over the raw footage and have the client edit their own program. In this case we conducted the interviews for them, using questions they supplied. At other times we can set up a remote videoconference link so the client can conduct their own interview. Of course the best scenario for everyone is when the client can attend the shoot in person.

We shot the 4k video at 25 fps in SLog3 Cine color space to conform to their specifications and the European television standard. We used our Sony FS7ii camera for the interviews and Sony A7iii on a gimbal for hand-held shots.

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