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Welcome to Chez Gabrielle

Chez Gabrielle, 5 Minutes

Sooner or later every small business must admit that giving superior service or selling a great product is not enough. You have to advertise and promote yourself to let customers and clients know of your existence. This was the case with Chez Gabrielle, a sweet little spa in the middle of busy San Bruno, California.

The intent of this promotional video was to give  prospective clients a preview of what to expect. Each professional who works there has a chance to explain on video their specialty, whether it’s massage, skincare, or acupuncture. They can touch upon their philosophy and approach, and the audience has a chance to see the environment in which the treatments take place. By the time a new client books their first session, they can feel at ease about any procedure they are signing up for. And that’s the first step to relaxation.

We used an Interrotron for the interviews so that the interviewees face the camera directly, making direct eye contact with the audience. This was to convey a sense of intimacy and honesty, in keeping with Chez Gabrielle’s way of treating their clients. (An Interrotron is a telemprompter-like device where we put the interviewer’s face directly in front of the lens. That way the interviewee has a natural conversation with the interviewer while making perfect eye contact with the video’s audience. For the interviewee the experience is more-or-less like being in a Zoom call. Even though for us it means setting up a bit more equipment, the result is well worth the effort.) A small 2-person crew handled this entire project, making for a very personal, non-intimidating experience for our client.

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