Industrial Process Explained to the Public

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Water Treatment and Distribution

City of Redding Water Utility, 11 Minutes

Drinking water comes out of your tape and it’s no big deal, right? Wrong! Civilized life wouldn’t work without it. And it takes the effort of a whole team of people to bring that water to a thirsty city.

This is the story of the Redding Water Utility in northern California. You’ll find out where the water comes from, how it is treated and what it takes to deliver it to the customers.

Produced by eIMAGE Video Productions with a lean, 3-person crew. Fabulous drone footage by DP Daniel Gamburg who handed off camerawork to Director/Writer/Editor Andy Linda whenever he was running the TelePrompter. Angie Gamburg was the Producer. On-camera host was the client.

Shot and edited in 4k resolution with sound mixed in full 5.1-channel surround. Delivered as a series of files suitable for posting online or computer playback, as DVDs in custom-designed album covers and as a high-definition Blu-ray disc.

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