Public Service Announcements

City of Redding Water Utility, 30 seconds X 5

In the summer of 2018 a devastating wildfire swept into the city of Redding, California. It burned 230,000 acres, incinerated a thousand homes and claimed six lives. Throughout it, the water utility kept running, not only delivering essential water, but keeping it at drinking water quality.

eImage produced five Public Service Announcements:

  • To thank the first responders
  • To point out how well the Water Utility employees performed during the crisis
  • To reassure the public that the Water Utility is thinking ahead and preparing for new, long-term challenges the fire brought
  • To explain the role fire hydrants and technicians play in maintaining water quality
  • To show the benefits of maintaining the water distribution system, in spite of its inconvenience

The project will not only be posted on social media and the Water Utility’s website, it will also air and television and be shown in theatres as a regional ad. For that reason, eIMAGE mixed the soundtrack in 5.1-channel Surround Sound and included Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired. The video was shot in an ultra-widescreen aspect ratio to give it an extra cinematic feel.

Written, directed and edited by Andy Linda with Angela Gamburg as Producer. Daniel Gamburg was the Director of Photography and Drone Pilot in a three-day shoot. To keep a tight budget we ran a lean crew with only these three members. Big thanks to our super-efficient client, Jaclyn Disney, for doing a lot of the heavy lifting, from finding the best locations to arranging the cooperation of the Redding fire and police departments.

Behind-the-scenes photos and more information is on our blog.

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