Mental Health Services – Dari

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Finding the Path to Healing – Resources for New Refugees in Santa Clara County

(Afghanistan version in Dari)

Santa Clara County Mental Health Department, 14 Minutes

This program is for Dari-speaking refugees from Afghanistan. It introduces recent refugees to the services offered by the Santa Clara County Mental Health Department.  eIMAGE and LifePrints Video produced a series of nine of these programs in nine different languages. Each video was produced in English as well as the language of that country:

  • Afghanistan in English and Dari
  • Burma in English and Burmese
  • China in English and Cantonese
  • Eritrea in English and Tigrinya
  • Ethiopia in English and Amharic
  • India in English and Punjabi
  • Iran in English and Farsi
  • Iraq in English and Arabic
  • Vietnam in English and Vietnamese

The written forms of many of these languages were a particular challenge: many did not use anything resembling the Latin script and some were written from right to left. But we managed.

The deliverable was a set of DVDs. We even designed and printed jacket covers!

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