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Confessions of a Custom Tailor

MTailor, 60-seconds (30-second version below)

eImage and our LA-based partner Enlightened Pictures produced a 60-second and a 30-second version of this commercial for a San Francisco clothing company. The project started out as just a part of our proposal, a demo of an approach to the client-written script. Ultimately the client liked it so much he asked us to polish what we shot into a usable on-air commercial. The challenge was to hit a precise 60-second and 30-second mark in the final spot since the demo was shot with no regard to timing. To keep the little humorous moments, we ended up speeding the 60-second version up by 8%, unfortunately resulting in a bit of double-image ghosting.

Beside absolutely precise length, commercials must meet other parameters in order to be accepted for broadcast. Loudness is one of them. Luckily, our editing software (Premiere Pro) has “Loudness Radar,” an accurate tool for measuring this parameter. With a bit of compression in dialogue, it’s not too hard to get loudness right. Video levels are also easy since Premiere keeps you within legal limits automatically.

But we got dinged on a non-technical transgression: our “customer” brought the whisky glass to his lips! There is no drinking allowed on commercials and we know that, but in this case we thought we were just making a fun demo, not a real commercial. When it came time to finish it off for real, it simply slipped everyone’s attention.

What saved us on all these technical challenges was that we shot the whole thing in 4k. Any shot could be re-framed in post and cutting to a close-up at just the right moment helped us avoid the drink. It also made it possible to cut an 80-second demo into a 60-second spot.

See below for the 30-second version.

Confessions of a Custom Tailor

MTailor, 30-seconds (60-second version above)

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