Video Production in Alameda County

Video Sample

Planning for a Healthy Future – A Decade of Climate Action Leadership

Alameda County Office of Sustainability, 6 Minutes

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic got rolling, eImage got an RFP from the County of Alameda to produce a video program. Of course we jumped on it and gave an excellent bid; we lost a number of bookings because of the pandemic and there was no other work on the horizon. To our delight by April 2020 we got the job. The client said we were chosen in part because we seemed sensitive to the unique safety considerations the pandemic demanded. It’s true, whether producing video for a government entity like Alameda County or for a corporate client, it seemed prudent to heed all the warnings and follow the recommendations from scientists and government officials.

Alameda County threw another twist into our video production. They originally wanted a recruitment video but the pandemic temporarily stopped all hiring. So we shifted gears and agreed to produce a video about the County’s sustainability drive, to explain and celebrate their accomplishments of the past ten years.

For this video production Alameda County had a good collection of still photographs and videos that we could tap into.

This project took a year to complete because during the pandemic, no-one was in a hurry. The scripting was done at a leisurely pace with as many revisions as the client wanted. Once the writing was perfect, we started editing with all the client-provided footage. Then the project was shelved as we waited for Alameda County to emerge from the state-declared COVID-19 purple tier (highest risk). The orange tier followed almost immediately and by that time our crew was partially vaccinated, so our danger of being sick or spreading the disease was reasonably low. Since all the scheduled shooting was to take place outdoors, we went for it. We shot video in Oakland and San Leandro, including beautiful drone footage. A day of shooting was all this project required.

Post-production was also done relatively slowly so that the client could take their time approving the work-in-progress. This video production for Alameda County was completed to the client’s absolute delight. You can watch this same program on Alameda County’s YouTube channel.

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