Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Video Sample

La Fenix at 1950 Mission – Ribbon Cutting

Mission Housing, 90 Minutes

eImage participated in this ribbon cutting event from start to finish. We shot and edited the poetry piece which kicks off the webcast, we shot and edited the Aztec dancers’ blessing. All the interviews and all the B-roll of the building was eImage work under the direction of and edited by Julio Lara. eImage provided the live webcast services and shot the event.

The entire event came together under the cloud of COVID. We had to be patient and flexible with constantly changing schedules, restrictions and plans. All the interviews were conducted outside over a period of six months, so some were shot in the warm days of  autumn while in others our subjects had to endure the blustery winds of spring. Our 2-person crew (plus director/client) was minimal to reduce infection risk. Everyone not on-camera was masked at all times.

Like all projects shot during COVID it was a challenge, but do-able.

We look forward to our turn at the vaccination clinic and hope for better times ahead.

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