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Integrated Pest Management for Schools

California Department of Pesticide Regulation, 90 minutes (broken into 10 episodes)

The people who maintain California’s public schools are supposed to take annual training which includes the subject of pest control. Unfortunately, schools don’t always have the budget to send everyone that they should to take the training. This series of 10 videos is designed to bring the training to the people who need it. Sample above is the full Episode 9, Turfgrass Weed IPM at Schools.

eIMAGE shot for ten days in a number of schools in Modesto and Livermore, California. We used up to three cameras to cover some segments, but the narration portions were shot film-style. The key to gathering 90 minutes of finished footage in such a short amount of time was to do meticulous scripting and pre-planning. And of course a hardy crew who could keep up with a breakneck 2-week shooting schedule.

The resulting series was released on DVD and posted online.

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