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More Client Testimonials

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Wayne Rickard, Terecircuits★★★★★
Wayne Rickard
Terecircuits Corporation

Due to COVID-19, my company needed a professionally produced video to support a trade show that had “gone virtual.” Andy & Angela took on our project despite an aggressive deadline and lots of technical content, eImage communicated regularly during the process, provided valuable input, and over-delivered at a fair and reasonable price. The final product was perfect for our purpose, and helped generate interest in our company from several targeted customers and partners. We are looking forward to using them again, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend eImage for any video project.

Laurie Brajkovich, Cal/EPA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation★★★★★
Laurie Brajkovich
Sr. Environmental Scientist
Cal/EPA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

Very creative and professional team! Enjoyed working with eImage and ended up with a fantastic project that was completed within short turnaround time and budget.

Jesse Hieb, Aquent★★★★★
Jesse Hieb

Andy and Angie were very professional and were a pleasure to work with. We had a pretty difficult project ask and they really made the best out of a complicated situation. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Michael Gamburg, SCA Solutions★★★★★
Michael Gamburg
Director of Business Development
SCA Solutions

My combustion engineering business is very technical and we needed a video about a breakthrough new product we were marketing to Utility Power plants worldwide. Andy Linda took the time to thoroughly understand the principles that made the product work and therefore he was able to creatively contribute to presenting our subject with the very limited footage and photographs we had available. He then wrote and edited a program, including animation, which explained the product better than I could have. In fact, when my customers watch the video they discover new applications for the product! eImage helped me create the perfect sales tool.

More Client Testimonials

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Marcie Goodman, Cal/OSHA Mining and Tunneling Unit★★★★★
Marcie Goodman
Sr. Safety Engineer
Cal/OSHA Mining and Tunneling Unit

The state agency I work for, had the pleasure to work with eImage when we made some mine safety training videos. Not only were they professional, they were personable as well. Since making videos is not my normal job, they helped walk me through the entire process.

The videos themselves we beautifully done! The videos are clear, sharp and special graphics were very well done.

eImage also completed the videos on time and within budget. Our students love the new videos, and we’re very proud to present them.

Laura Normand, Masons of California★★★★★
Laura Normand
Masons of California

Our nonprofit has worked with eImage on numerous occasions.

This last assignment was a challenge: with just a 9-day lead time, we needed to produce a compelling fundraising video to debut to a crowd of 1,000+.

Andy and Angie accommodated our schedule. They understood and honored our creative vision; maintained a collaborative, open-door policy throughout the editing process; and were attentive, detail-oriented, and professional at every step. The video they produced has already elicited donations and rave reviews, and has set a new standard in our organization.

We look forward to the next project.

Jim Reid, SF Mayoral Candidate★★★★★
Jim Reid
San Francisco Mayoral Candidate

I ran for Mayor in 2003 because I was upset by the growing homeless problem.  Andy and Angie at eImage helped me produce a 10-minute video on three issues: Homelessness, Housing, and Public Transit. They walked me through every step of the process, from writing a script, to finding locations, through filming, voice overs, editing, and reproduction. They set up at many sites around the City, including inside MUNI buses and trains. They set up studio backdrop for talking head segments.  I was impressed with their professional service, patience, and enthusiasm throughout.  Angie even acted as a MUNI passenger asking me questions.  Working with them educated me in the many steps of video production.  Later in the campaign they helped produce a 30-second TV ad talking about my solution to the homeless problem.  If I had a million dollars to spend and sent the DVD eImage produced to every voter and MUNI rider, I might be mayor today.  Alas, being elected to public office is more about how much money you have to spend rather than good solutions to problems.

If you’re looking for a video production company in San Francisco that works on a timely basis and at a reasonable price, I recommend Andy and Angie at eImage.