Answers to Your Video Production Questions

You have questions and we have answers. And not just made-up answers. With almost forty years in the business we’ve seen a thing or two, so we can speak about any aspect of video production from experience. If you have more questions than we have here, please submit them with our Contact Form and we’ll do our best to include them. If you have specific questions about your unique video production situation, give us a call. We’re happy to chat and share what we know about the video production business.

Video Production FAQs:

Recording a teleprompted presentation on green screen

Our video production experience

Andy Linda started this video production business in 1984, when Betacam was state-of-the-art in analog video. A lot has changed in the ensuing years, but much of it hasn’t. People are still people, we are visual and social creatures and we like to communicate. Video is a natural thing for us. The more you know about this business the better client you will be. This is the intent of our FAQ page: to empower you with as much understanding of the video production business as we can so that together we can develop the best possible program. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a video program we produced, shot and edited being used and bringing success to your business.

Whether you need a simple talking head interview, a marketing video, a technical presentation, an emotional appeal, a documentary, or a creative music video we immerse ourselves in your subject matter and help you tell your story. That is why our web pages are designed to inform you about where we’re coming from so that we see eye-to-eye. A video production company and their clients are a collaborative, creative team that pulls in the same direction to produce the very best video programs for business.