What Is Video Production?


Simply put, video production is the process of creating a video program. It’s filmmaking or moviemaking, if you will. In today’s world it seems that everyone is shooting little video clips with their phone, but that’s not really video production. A properly produced video program requires thoughtful planning, careful execution and meticulous editing. Professionals call it pre production, production and post production.

Professional video production is often an essential element of marketing, training, education, communication and of course entertainment. In the business world you can use it to promote just about any product or service. If your business has a website, it has room for video because top-quality video can be hosted for free by YouTube or at a very modest cost by Vimeo, and then embedded with a single line of code on your web page. Hosts like YouTube usually give you the embed code. You can keep the video private for your eyes only, unlisted so it will play on your site only, or the video can be public for anyone to find and watch. If you want to keep your video protected with a password Vimeo allows for that, or with YouTube you can embed an unlisted video on your webpage and password-protect that page.

A professionally produced video program can show off your product, promote your service, describe a process, inform, educate and entertain. For products, if you can hold the product in your hand you can rotate it, point out details, explain its functions. If your product is too large to move, a video can show it from any angle, in operation or at rest. Video can give a tour of a facility. It can welcome and train new employees, convey customer testimonials, fundraise, or inspire through music, images, graphics and text. Other than with an in-person presentation, video is the best method of showing off or explaining just about anything. It is on par with the written word as one of mankind’s greatest communication tools.

And professional video production is available to anyone. Making a video is fun because it’s a creative process. Unlike in the days of film production, video can be produced relatively quickly. Pricing is flexible depending on your needs, so professional video production can be tailored for large, medium, and small businesses, all the way down to family and personal use.

Every video production company should be willing and able to discuss your video production ideas with you at no cost or obligation. Once they assess what you have in mind, they can come up with a proposal which includes both a rough timeline and a proposed budget. Both of these elements are negotiable to a point, so chances are your needs can be met to your satisfaction with the resources you’re able to invest into the project.

Learn more about the process of video production on these pages and then contact a video production company to ask more questions and bounce ideas around. They’ll be happy to guide you through the video production process.