Video Production Portfolio

Our Video Production Samples

Want to see even more video production samples? Dive into our dusty old archives.

This video production portfolio is just a small sample of the video production work eImage has done over the past several decades. Much of our work is specialized, designed for a particular audience or a particular use. Those samples will not play well to a general, disinterested audience, so they are not included here. Other samples cannot be posted because the subject matter is confidential. We have signed many nondisclosure agreements over the years. But that’s the whole point: eImage produces custom video programs per clients’ specifications. We can help analyze your audience, suggest how best to talk to them via video, design an appropriate program and then create it. We don’t use templates, we don’t cram a program into a pre-made box. We craft specifically what you need for your particular target.

These video production samples span the spectrum of human experience, from high-tech through legal and historical issues, to biology, agriculture, health, finance, government, utilities, real estate and the arts. We thrive on the variety of work we get to do. A few of these samples can be see on our Youtube Channel, but we focus on presenting the widest variety of them here.