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Managing PAD: A Guide for Black American Families

Conrad Associates, 10½ Minutes

A doctor can’t treat a disease if a patient doesn’t come in to get it diagnosed. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is one of those diseases that’s overlooked by those who suffer from it, especially in the black community. This program is designed to educate everyone about the symptoms, the diagnostic procedures, the treatment, and the consequences of ignoring PAD’s progression.

eImage traveled with a 2-person crew to the Cleveland Clinic, Akron OH, Fort Worth TX, and Oakland CA to gather the stories of PAD with a series of interviews with patients and doctors. The COVID pandemic got in the middle of this production and the project was shelved for a while, but ultimately it got completed.

Our client did a number of previous medical motivational and educational programs with celebrity spokespeople to raise awareness and educate patients about various medical issues. This is a very different approach, to share real stories of real patients. We–as well as the client–are happy with the result.

This medical motivational video program was sponsored by the Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc. Other medical-related samples in our portfolio are:

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