Video Samples

Series of Corporate Executive Interviews
Hewlett Packard, 3 minutes

A series of sit-down interviews with corporate executives in a boardroom. Single camera, shot in HD.

Construction Site Interviews
Swinerton Builders, 48 seconds

A couple of outdoor stand-up interviews, shot in 4k.

Employee Profile and Interviews
Veritiv/Enlightened Pictures, 4½ minutes

A number of sit-down interviews in an industrial setting. Shot and delivered in 4k.

Interviews and B-Roll in various settings
Hewlett Packard, 7 minutes

A mini-documentary about a pro-bono project sponsored by the legal department of a corporate giant.

Interview on Grey Seamless
Judicial Council of California

We can bring our own seamless background and make your conference room look like a studio.

Zoom-based Interview
during COVID

Conducted outside with the interviewer on Zoom, projected into an Interrotron. Behind-the-scenes snippet in 4k.

3-Camera Panel Discussion
Shot in a hotel ballroom

Three cameras with two camera people. Middle camera was left unattended.

3-Camera Panel Discussion
Shot in a green-screen studio

This program was shot in a video studio with a large green screen; the background is virtual.

Matching FS7 and A7 camera
In a 2-camera interview situation

This test demonstrates how a Sony FS7 Mark II camera (front) and a Sony A7 Mark III (side) camera can be matched in an interview situation. It also shows the range in which these cameras can be reframed (cut to a close-up) when the original video is shot in 4k and the final product is HD video.

PowerPoint Lecture
In a split-screen presentation

There are many ways to capture and present PowerPoint presentations. Here is one possible style where we see the lecturer and the PowerPoint slide, together with the organization’s logo, in a split-screen arrangement. Call us to brainstorm about how you would like to customize your company’s PowerPoint video presentations.

Our Video Production Samples:

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