Client-Supplied Photographs

Video Sample

West Basin 75th Anniversary

West Basin Municipal Water District, 6½ Minutes

Sometimes our clients have all the material they want, but they need us to make it into a video. This was the case with the West Basin Municipal Water District in Southern California when they wanted to celebrate their 75th anniversary. We wrote the script according to their notes and we jazzed up their still photographs with a bit of 3D smoke-and-mirrors. The 3D effect is actually something which takes time to create, and it’s effective only in certain kinds of photographs, those which have a strong background and a strong foreground. So we used it sparingly.

For other photos we added a film dust effect to suggest an old movie, or we simply cropped them clean and  presented them on a simple grey gradated background with a soft shadow underneath. Overall, it was a simple, affordable program that we turned around in a couple of weeks.

One thing to keep in mind: a program such as this calls for a lot of photographs, most of which need to be larger than what you’d typically use on a website. This program has 70 stills (including logos) and 12 video clips. Luckily, the client had more than we needed.

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