Motivational Video with Actors

Video Sample

Fruit Tart Talk

SF Health Services System, 4¼ Minutes

Identifying the unique resources we have on-hand and then using them is eImage’s strength. We needed to shoot a motivational video that lent itself nicely to a dialogue scenario and since it was early June, our garden was at its best.  We put the two together and here is the result.

Andy Linda wrote the script based on the client’s notes. Since it was to be shot at a place we’ve lived for thirty years we knew exactly where the sun will be at a particular hour of the day and had a pretty good idea of what the weather will be. To save money, we created our own butterfly to shade the scene from direct sun and we set it up a few days in advance; no need for a grip truck and a crew of gaffers. In fact, we shot this with a 4-person crew:

Our lead actress was Karen Kahn, a consummate professional who always comes wonderfully prepared. We’ve worked with her decades ago and it was great to reconnect. Rick Lasquete played her opposite.

We had a final script approved exactly a month after getting the client’s Creative Brief, and we shot a week later. Camera started rolling at 10:00 AM and we wrapped it around four PM. Then we had a scheduled week out of town, but the client still had Version 1 of the edit in their hands eleven days after the shoot. There was only one round of edits since we nailed it the first time around. The last round of approvals took ten days. Since this project was started well before it needed to be aired, the comfortable start-to-finish timeline was just under two months.

Overall it was a rather routine motivational video production for a city government client that went very smoothly.

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