Green Screen

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Green Screen Video

Vextec, 3 Minutes

A common problem for eImage and our clients is that we need to shoot a “talking head” video (a person being interviewed or talking to camera), but the conference room which the client has available for shooting in is plain and ugly. The answer is “green screen” which is literally a green fabric which eImage brings to the shoot. It’s set up as a background. Later in the editing suite all the green color is replaced by some other graphic, photograph, or video.

Green screen must be done properly and we’ve seen a lot of bad examples. eIMAGE takes pride in its workmanship which you can judge for yourself: you won’t see even a hint of green through the gentleman’s hair.

In this case Andy Linda shot the video at eIMAGE’s in-house facility in San Francisco rather than the client’s office. He then created the look of a plain white wall, a streak of light and the client’s logo. Simple, clean and elegant.

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