RAW Video Production

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Grommet Demo

HP Labs, 2¼ Minutes

Even if it’s bleeding edge technology, once we gain enough confidence in it we’ll use it to deliver the very best quality we can to the client. In this case the bleeding edge technology is RAW video, recorded with a hacked Canon 5D DSLR camera. The camera was never intended to be used this way, but an enthusiastic group of hackers dug deep into the firmware to unlock this exciting potential with the Magic Lantern firmware hack. We took a chance, hacked into our own camera and then ran many, many tests. Once we were confident it works, we unleashed it on a small corporate project.

Judge the results yourself. There’s a brilliance to this video unlike anything else shot with a Canon 5D. We love the look of the colors and the range of tones. Unfortunately it fills up memory cards at a breakneck speed, but we can handle that. It requires jumping through a number of hoops in post-production to convert the RAW data stream into a useable video file format. And it has severe limitations on which frame rates you can shoot in and how to record audio.

Bottom line: this is bleeding-edge and it may not be practical for everyday use. But we have proven the technology in the real world and can use it again on a project that warrants it.

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