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Victory Parade

Archbishop Riordan High School, 2 Minutes

Not all projects have to be big and complicated. We got a call for this video the night before. The Archbishop Riordan High School Marching Band was set to play at the Giants World Series Parade and they wanted to document the event. Documentaries are sometimes best done with small and nimble resources. In this case, Andy Linda went out alone, with just a camera, a monopod and a set of spare batteries.

It was essential to carry everything along the parade route and the monopod came in very handy. Notice the shots way up high above the crowd, or swooping down on the cheering fans; all shot from the monopod.

Once again it turned out that even with minimal identification, if your camera is big enough, the security personnel let you mingle with the parade virtually unrestricted.

All audio was recorded with the camera’s microphone. Edited in the next two days. It’s always fun to work on a project quick to appear and quickly out the door.

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