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Your Road to Retirement

San Francisco Health Service System, 3 x 1-Minute

This short 3-part video series is designed to explain the process San Francisco City employees must follow to sign up for healthcare benefits when they retire. It’s a straightforward 3-step process, but it often causes much confusion. By showing a video of a recent retiree going through all three steps, the San Francisco Health Service System hopes to limit mistakes people make and the number of questions they ask.

The intent was to keep these videos extremely short and to the point. The video series will be used during webinars to deliver all the basic information the audience needs. A webinar moderator will be available to answer any questions that arise.

eImage conceptualized, wrote, shot and edited the video series. Due to COVID the project took an unusually long time to pre-produce, mostly because we were waiting for the participants to get vaccinated prior to the 2-day shoot. Our crew was small, with Angie Gamburg as producer, Andy Linda directing and Daniel Gamburg behind camera and piloting his drone. The final video was delivered less than two weeks later, complete with closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.

Read about the unique challenges of this video production on our blog.

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