Client-Generated Content

Footage from the client, editing by eIMAGE

YIMBY Awards 2020
(nonprofit fundraising)
YIMBY Action, 98 minutes

An annual gala fundraising event was not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, so every participant shot their own video on a mobile phone and sent it to eImage for editing. We then live-streamed it in HD quality with live segments combined with the pre-recorded sections.

Ice Bucket Challenge
(corporate team-building)
Hewlett Packard, 3:05

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014? The leaders of the HP Legal Department had plenty of fun with it, even though they were spread all over the world. A request went out by email, a deadline was specified and a folder was dedicated for submissions on the corporate network. Then everyone did their thing and sent in their footage. eImage edited the results and here we are, global team-building at its best.

Senior Leaders’ Meeting
(corporate event)
Hewlett Packard, 2:21

A major corporate meeting should not be forgotten the day it ends. Here is a retrospective of the event as part of HP’s year-end look. It’s another opportunity to re-live the event and build a team spirit. eImage edited this from all the stills the attendees submitted, as well as website screen grabs and text graphics which we generated.

Fouling Thickness and Reflectivity
(a new industrial product introduction)
AMS-Qi, 6:19

A new product, especially an industrial one, is hard to show off in action. It is often complex or expensive to implement, so to promote it, you sometimes have to go with what you have. In this case it was still photographs and various brochure graphics which explained the principles of the new device. eImage added some simple animation to illustrate the most important operational principle. Except for a professionally narrated audio track, no original footage went into this program, it was all existing material.

(a new consumer product)
CatScapes, 3:02

A project where all the visual and audio material came to eImage from the client. We simply cleaned up the audio track, added music and adjusted the image quality.

(“ice breaker” for a corporate meeting)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 7:12

In preparation for a large meeting, the attendees recorded short introductions about themselves. These intros were played before and after breaks during the meeting. It helped people get to know each other, a great team-building technique for a group that’s spread out all over the world.

Other possible themes for these kinds of introductions:

  • My favorite song
  • If I were an animal…
  • The superpower I wish I had

(smartphone videos from an event)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 3:25

A group of interns attended a trade show. This was a way to document to management that their time was spent well.