Voiceover recording session in a video studio

Water Recycling Facility Shoot

Our partner Daniel Gamburg just finished editing a project we wrote and shot last November for the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo, Southern California. Since it’s an educational program for school groups, the client wanted a young on-camera host, so we worked with our favorite one: our 19-year-old son. His passion is sustainable environmental design and water recycling is right up his alley. He normally does not make his living in the video business, but he’s grown up in a video production family and cameras do not intimidate him.

Lining up a shot with an oil refinery background.

Thanks to Daniel’s careful planning, the 2-day shoot went smoothly. We shot it in 4k which gave Daniel the opportunity to re-frame any shot in post-production. The final product was a DVD.

Andy Linda behind camera with Daniel Gamburg directing Nick.

The only hiccup was that we planned to do some beautiful drone shooting of the facility. Unfortunately, the El Segundo location is right next to the LAX airport and the FAA never gave permission for a flight.

Andy Linda behind camera with Daniel Gamburg directing on the streets of El Segundo.

Recording voiceover in the Enlightened Pictures studio.

Recording voiceover outdoors to get the right exterior ambiance.