Electrical Safety

Video Sample

Low Voltage Safety

California Department of Industrial Relations, 16 Minutes

“Low Voltage” sounds benign, but the Mine Safety and Health Administration defines low voltage as 650 or fewer volts. That means the power found in home outlets (120V) is low voltage, but it can hurt or kill you. The point of this educational program is to impress upon mining and tunneling workers that electricity needs to be treated with respect.

Just like the Miners’ Rights and Responsibilities program, we worked with a 20-year-old script and simply added new visuals, new narrator’s voice and new music. It isn’t quite Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush (which is what the client would really have liked), but within the constraints of the script we were given it turned out well.

Even though the budget was very limited (it was specified that the lowest bidder will get the job), we put our hearts into it. The final program was put on a DVD with chapter markers and an interactive menu. We designed a nice album cover and DVD label and we even mixed the sound in 5-channel surround. The client was delighted.

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