Two Video Production Firms in One

January 13, 2018 | Andy Linda

eImage is actually two video production firms in one. Beside our San Francisco operation we’re closely allied with a Los Angeles video production company, Enlightened Pictures. EP’s Producer/Director Daniel Gamburg is the brother of eImage Producer Angie Gamburg. So we sometimes work as one. Daniel shoots and sometimes directs or edits for eImage and when we have a project in Southern California, Enlightened Pictures is our home base.

Camera's Point of view at a refinery

Last November Daniel had a project for the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo, Southern California. We helped write the script. Since it’s an educational program for school groups, the client wanted a young on-camera host. Our 19-year-old son was a perfect choice. His passion is sustainable environmental design and water recycling is right up his alley. He normally does not make his living in the video business, but our two video production firms have always been a pert of his life. Cameras do not intimidate him and he was happy to work for his uncle for a change rather than his parents. So our video production firms share talent in more than one sense.

Shooting a narrator for a water recycling video

We also have almost identical capabilities, because we have nearly the same camera package built around a Sony FS-7 Mark II. We bought our cameras at the same time. So for this project it was only natural that I should shoot it, using Daniel’s equipment.

Recording a narrator on the street for a water recycling video

Thanks to Daniel’s careful planning, the 2-day shoot went smoothly and the final educational video looks great. We shot it in 4k which gave Daniel the opportunity to re-frame any shot in post-production. The final product was a DVD which means it was Standard Definition, 720×480 pixels. If you do the math you’ll see that you can put 24 Standard Definition frames into a UHD frame, so this gave Daniel more framing leeway than either of our video production firms could have dreamed of a decade ago.

Voiceover recording session

The only hiccup was that we planned to get some beautiful aerial drone footage of the facility. Unfortunately, the El Segundo location is right next to the LAX airport. Daniel tried to apply for a permit for weeks, but the FAA never gave permission for a flight.

Outdoor voiceover recording session

Enlightened Pictures and eImage are both small video production firms, but working together lets us cover the two biggest California markets as a locals.

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