Lithos Energy Overview Video

June 5, 2018 | Andy Linda

The owners of a small battery manufacturing facility in the San Francisco Bay Area needed an overview video because they had a problem: in order to talk to a lot of potential business partners, suppliers, customers, and investors they had to travel all the time to do the same song-and-dance routine each time. And even in their face-to-face meetings it was hard to make their facility seem real in the mind of their business contact. California seemed far away when they took their wares to Detroit or Tampa. The solution was obvious: make a company video.

An overview video is the best way to show off your company’s capabilities. It can present your facility, equipment and employees, it can talk about your history, company vision, awards and successes. It can prove that everything that’s talked about is real; something that only a personal tour could do better. And best of all, making a video can convey all your information in a controlled, scripted fashion without losing that personal touch.

In this particular company video the owners wrote their own script and they chose to take a personal approach by presenting the firm with their own appearance and narration. They spoke about their technology, expertise, equipment, facilities, employees and products. The audience got to see that everything mentioned was real, and that Lithos Energy focused on safety and reliability in a US-based environment which guaranteed a high level of integrity.

For eImage this overview video project was an easy one-day shoot with a small, 2-person crew. We shot with two different cameras, a 4k Sony FS-7 and a Canon 5D on a stabilizer. All the equipment was our in-house gear. This is a common configuration for us, a small project calls for a small footprint. It’s what makes us a good value for small businesses.

Editing was straight-forward and we completed the entire project, start-to-finish in two weeks. The final 99-second Lithos Energy Overview Video is posted with our samples.

Remember that it’s the 21st century and every company needs a website. But as soon as you have an online presence it’s time to start thinking of a company overview video.

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