Promo video in a battery manufacturing company

Lithos Energy Overview

The owners of a small battery manufacturing facility in the San Francisco Bay Area had a problem: in order to talk to a lot of potential business partners, suppliers and customers, they had to travel all the time. Once they started their face-to-face meeting, it was hard to make their facility seem real in the mind of their business contact. The solution: make a video.

Video is the best way to show off your company’s capabilities. It can present your facility, equipment and employees, it can talk about your history, company vision, awards and successes. And best of all, it can do it in a controlled, scripted fashion with a truly personal touch.

In this particular case the owners wrote their own script and they chose to take the personal approach to present the company and narrate the video themselves. For eImage it was an easy one-day shoot with a 2-person crew. We shot with two different cameras, a 4k Sony FS-7 and a Canon 5D on a stabilizer. All the equipment was our in-house gear.

Editing was straight-forward and we completed the entire project, start-to-finish in two weeks. The final 1:39 video is posted with our samples.