Sometimes the purpose of a video program we produce is crystal clear. The instructional video we’re now working on is a prime example. A local laboratory tests blood for signs of organ rejection in organ transplant patients. When the blood is collected by hospitals around the country, the blood has to be prepared in a very particular way to preserve the white blood cells before it is shipped here for analysis. The laboratory spent a lot of resources training  hospital staff on the procedure that must be followed. Now that they’ll have a video which details the procedure, their training and travel costs will be greatly reduced.

Drawing a blood sample.

An instructional video which saves money in the long run is a no-brainer. We wrote the script in tight collaboration with the client, then we shot the procedure in two days with a 2-person crew. And of course we’re doing all editing in-house. The production cost is very reasonable, the savings will be great and the client is very pleased.

Processing a blood sample to extract white blood cells.

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