Walking and talking is a natural of combination. But how do you record it on a video of professional quality? It can’t be shaky, but a Steadicam is too expensive for many budgets. Here is our answer:

This video was shot with our Nebula 4200 5-axis gyro stabilizer and an iPad running TelePrompt +3 software. Camera was a Canon 5D Mark II.

This video production technique has its limitations. A full-fledged Prompter with a mirror isn’t practical for this purpose because the camera needs to stay light and mobile. So when the subject looks at the Prompter, he isn’t making perfect eye contact with the camera. The solution is to keep the camera farther from the subject. No closer than waist-high with the widest lens. Once we shoot in 4K we can re-frame it to a tighter shot without losing resolution.

Using a TelePrompter while walking is a powerful combination because it makes otherwise stiff subjects look natural. Video production should be about motion and we can now keep the camera moving without blowing the budget or schedule.

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