Independent Video Production for a Very Special Client

December 15, 2021 | Andy Linda
Narrator standing in front of house in the woods
Preparing the Project

Independent video production takes many forms. In this case we worked on a video for a student, entitled Burnt Edges: Real Estate in the Era of Megafires. Full disclosure: the client is our son and this was his capstone project for a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley. He was researching and ultimately presenting a report on wildfires in California and how to approach the problem from the perspective of a real estate professional. Due to COVID the final report was presented remotely over Zoom and students were encouraged to pre-record their presentations. Since Nick’s parents are in the independent video production business it was a no-brainer.

For us working with our son was no different than working with any other client who needs independent video production services. He was the content expert and he knew the message he needed to tell. Our job was to help him organize the logical progression of his argument and to structure it so that we could tell as much of the story visually as possible.

We suggested he starts with an outline of his argument and then fleshes it out with details and examples. Then we’ll brainstorm the visuals. Independent video production is all about reinventing the wheel each time, to make each presentation fresh and different from any other TV production video.

He researched and wrote for weeks. We bounced ideas for visuals around, and he scouted locations in which we could shoot. Finally he realized that a great variety of the environments he’s talking about can be found in a wild park only a mile or two from home. See the final project on our Portfolio.

Houses burned down in a wildfire
A 2-day Shoot and a Quick Edit

We shot this independent video in two afternoons. The entire crew was just me, dear old Dad, with Nick as the sole talent. The two of us drove around with minimal equipment so we could take our little electric Chevy Spark; a very appropriate vehicle choice for an environmentally-focused independent video production.

Editing took two days with me almost burning the midnight oil because a hard deadline was looming. We got 98% of it done on time and made just one substitution after the premiere presentation and before posting it permanently on YouTube: I swapped out a plain white graphic background for a “burnt edges” background, in keeping with the program’s title and theme.

This independent video production is now working hard on Nick’s behalf. It’s his memorable introduction to prospects during his job hunt. It is his calling card and people respond very positively to it. It will be an important part of his job portfolio until it’s superseded by his next independent video production, created by eImage of course!

Narrator driving a car and talking to camera

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