We spent the morning recording video in downtown San Francisco. We shot a couple of interviews and some B-Roll at the artists’ market in front of the Ferry Building. The video project was a story for the Hewlett Packard legal department. One of their lawyers did pro bono work to help an artist patent his invention and we were making a news magazine-style story about it. See the final Pro Bono Promotional Video on our Portfolio page.

The 3-person crew, the client and the interviewee.

We kept the video production small and low-key. Being unobtrusive allowed us to get our footage without getting any grief from the authorities. Shooting professional video in public places can be a bit tricky, but since we’re always respectful of the traffic flow and our small crew gets in and out quickly, we haven’t had a problem yet. If we needed to spend significant time in a single location, or if our footprint were bigger, getting a video shooting permit would certainly be wise.

Shooting B-Roll by the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco.

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