Medical Device Promotional Video Production

April 4, 2017

We’re just wrapping up a fun promotional video production, a program which shows how to use a newly introduced medical device for treating migraine headaches. A San Francisco ad agency wrote the script and developed the approach: an all-white studio limbo look. We shot the piece in one easy day at the wonderful Carter Dow Studio in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. Lighting was provided by Little Giant Lighting & Grip. Post-production was all in-house; we even squeezed in a week of vacation and still delivered every milestone ahead of schedule. Fun fact: the voiceover artist lives in Nairobi, Kenya and has American parents.

Angie Gamburg watches the monitor while Andy Linda shoots from the jib.

Promotional video production is something we do routinely at eImage. It’s not always a medical device video, but business is all about marketing, so promotional video production is in demand. What was a rare treat in this project was that we used a studio with a full white cyclorama. It’s the only way to get that clean, white look, popularized by Apple. And it takes a surprising amount of light to make it all work because the light sources have to be ultra soft. This is where Little Giant Lighting comes in. They have the lighting equipment and a truck to haul it. We’ve been using their services for decades now.

Soft lighting was the key.

Carter Dow Studio is primarily a photography studio. Film and video are usually shot on a sound stage and you can probably guess what the difference is: a soundstage is acoustically insulated for recording sound. Sound recording was not needed in this project so a photo studio was perfect. Because custom painting can be a significant expense, it was great that Carter generally keeps his studio in white. Each studio in San Francisco has its advantages and disadvantages and we choose them on a per-project basis so that our client always gets the most bang for their buck.

Shooting in an all-white studio.

Promotional video production has to make your product shine. Sometimes it means digging deep into its features. Other times it means sparking the user’s imagination by showing the product in different use scenarios. But in each case the environment has to be enticing, yet subtle so as not to call attention to itself. That’s why this promotional video production used a white limbo studio to its best advantage.

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