Is it 2006-2007 yet? It is for us as we work on a couple of videos for that school year. Our client is the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and the project is an instructional video to help students file a FAFSA form in order to get financial aid for college.

Andy Linda directing a promotional video

We’re actually working on four videos: two in English and two in Spanish. One set is for students to help them file the FAFSA and the other set is for parents to understand the importance of filing this form. We shot on the UCSF campus for the parental video and in a rented apartment for the student version.

Behind-the-scenes on a promotional video

Angela Gamburg produced this project, Dan Woodard wrote all scripts, Andy Linda directed and edited, Wah Ho Chan was behind camera, Donovan Gates took care of lighting and David Rhodes was grip.

P.S.: Our CSAC client found it so easy to work with us she continued our video production relationship until her retirement five years later.

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