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Sesshin: Discovering Your Buddha Nature

Shinnyo-en, 15 minutes

The main purpose of this project is to explain what Shinnyo-en followers should expect in Sesshin training. Shinnyo-en is a Buddhist denomination originally established in Japan. Sesshin is a form of meditation.

The 15-minute program actually covers much more than Sesshin. It explains how Siddhartha Gautama became Buddha and what the basic principles of Buddhism are. It covers the history of the Shinnyo-en denomination by explaining the life story of Shinjo Ito and his wife Tomoji. It shows the audience a structured Sesshin and explains precisely what goes on in the Meditation Room. Finally, it goes into the details of positioning one’s body for the best Sesshin experience.

Produced by eIMAGE, directed and edited by Andy Linda. This project was later translated into a number of foreign languages for worldwide distribution.