Public Service Announcements

Video Sample

Water Quality PSAs

City of Benicia Department of Public Works, 6×1½ minutes

We’re as delighted to produce comedy as people are thrilled to get a good laugh. Here we produced a series of six Public Service Announcements for the City of Benicia, to educate residents on how they can help protect the environment. The PSAs aired on Benicia’s Public Access Television and were posted on the City’s website.

The comedic couple, Mr. and Mrs. Clueless, are portrayed by Los Angeles filmmaker/actors Daniel Gamburg and Melinda Vyvyan.

When it comes to working for government entities, we have done a bunch, including projects for:

• Judicial Council of California
• Santa Clara County Department of Mental Health
• San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
• California Department of Food and Agriculture
• California Student Aid Commission
• EdFund
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Read more about the making of this project in our blog.