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Foreign Language Video Production

Global English

It’s a fact that English had become the language of the business world. Global English is a San Francisco Bay Area company which teaches English to businesspeople worldwide. This is a marketing video, consisting of testimonials of satisfied customers. For this program eIMAGE created subtitle tracks (or lower third graphics) in:

* Turkish
* Chinese
* Korean
* Japanese
* Italian
* German
* Portuguese
* Spanish
* English

Note that non-Latin alphabets are not a problem for us. In 2012 we co-produced a DVD series with interviews and subtitles in:

• Amharic
• Arabic
• Burmese
• Cantonese
• Dari
• Farsi
• Punjabi
• Tigrinya
• Vietnamese

Foreign language voiceovers or on-camera talent? No sweat. Besides a multitude of Spanish language programs, we have worked with voices in Russian, German, Italian, French, Mandarin and Japanese.