Animal ID

Video Sample

National Animal Identification System

California Department of Food and Agriculture, 9 minutes

Produced, shot and edited by eIMAGE for the California Department of Food and Agriculture. This video takes the mystery out of what will ultimately be a mandatory national ID system for ranchers and animal handling facilities. Although produced for California, eIMAGE later customized the video for a number of States throughout the West.

To take advantage of the economics of scale and to share some of the footage, eIMAGE produced a video on bovine tuberculosis simultaneously with this program. The Bovine Tuberculosis program detailed the TB screening procedure which dairy cows routinely undergo. It’s a complex process in which false positive results are methodically discarded when more comprehensive tests are performed on suspect cows. The program gives “the big picture” of the entire process to young veterinarians.

Beside the Department of Food and Agriculture, eIMAGE has produced for other government entities such as:

• Judicial Council of California
• Santa Clara County Mental Health Department
• The City of Benicia
• San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
• California Student Aid Commission
• EdFund
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security