Video Newsmagazine

Video Sample

APL Update 1Q 1997

American President Lines & ImageCraft, 19:14

Corporate Employee Newsmagazines are one of our strengths and passions. We have shot and edited Raychem Corporation’s quarterly newsmagazine for almost a decade and APL’s for over two years. We also worked on Mervyn’s program and PG&E’s show for a number of years.

This series was directed by Nicole Thomason on behalf of her company ImageCraft for American President Lines of Oakland. It was hosted by Jan Yanehiro, a well-known television personality of the time. The program was to keep all APL employees engaged and informed about the company’s big picture. In fact, such employee newsmagazines were quite popular in the 1990s.

But times change. As noted in this APL episode, the company was sold to Neptune Orient Lines. When new management took over the video program was scrapped. Similarly Raychem was sold to TE Connectivity in the late 1990s and their video newsmagazine folded. Mervyn’s liquidated in 2008. Only PG&E remained as a company, but they ended their video program program as well.

This was in the days of distribution on VHS tape. Company news still happens and employees work best when they understand how their labor contributes to the greater goal. Now that video streaming online made distribution a non-issue, perhaps it’s time to bring back the company video newsmagazine?

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