Multi-Camera Production

Video Sample

Perfect Paws in 5 Days

Perfect Paws, 2 hrs. 35 minutes

San Francisco has more dogs than children, so it was inevitable for us to work on a dog training video sooner or later. This 2-½ hour copy-protected DVD features dog training guru Jean Donaldson and her Chow Buffy, going through a series of lectures as well as class exercises. Produced by Perfect Paws.

This project was shot with two cameras in iso configuration, which means that each camera was rolling a separate tape and the two views were edited together later, rather than live-switched. Two cameras were used for the sake of continuity: there’s no way to precisely duplicate the behavior of even a well-trained dog so several takes from a single camera were not going to match enough to be of any use in editing.

This DVD contains a number of computer-printable homework sheets as PDF documents. We talk more about how we can include documents or other computer files on a DVD at our DVD Authoring Sample.