DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

Video Sample

DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

Sample to demonstrate our capabilities

DVD and Blu-ray authoring usually means designing a menu and linking the various video and audio elements through it. But DVDs can do a lot more. Here is an example of a DVD eIMAGE produced which has printable documents included on the disc. If you play the DVD in a computer and click a menu link to a document, the document opens through its default application. In this case it’s a PDF file opening through Adobe Acrobat.

DVDs can actually hold almost any document or program which a computer can open or play back. This sample shows you how eImage included a link to the Web: click on a menu link and if you have Web access the page opens in your browser. We have also included eMail links which open up the default eMail program and start an email addressed to the specified recipient. And we know how to write scripts which navigate to a particular section or menu of the DVD depending on some other DVD action you’ve undertaken.

So if you have an unusual idea of what you’d like your DVD to do besides playing a video, talk to eImage; we’ll brainstorm with you and let you know what’s possible and what isn’t.