Water Treatment and Distribution

Two steps forward…

Spring of 2018. eIMAGE was awarded a contract to produce an educational video program about Redding Water Utility’s water treatment and distribution system. We wrote a script and by mid-July the final version was approved. We were ready to shoot…

Daniel Gamburg prepares an underwater GoPro shot while Angela Gamburg shows it to the lab tech.

…One Step Back…

Then the Carr fire broke out on July 23rd and burned until it was contained on August 30th. The main water treatment plant almost burned down, the secondary plant was threatened, thousands of people lost their homes. Our project was shelved.

Instead, we produced a series of Public Service Announcements about the Carr fire and how the Water Utility coped during the emergency. The PSAs played on television and in movie theaters throughout the winter holiday season. Read about it on our blog.

Recording voiceover with outdoor ambiance.

…and a Happy End!

March 2019 came along and the original project was back on. We shot it in three days with a 3-person crew. It’s our specialty to keep the production lean and economical. But we don’t skimp on quality, we even recorded and delivered this project in 4k with 5.1-channel surround sound!

Daniel Gamburg shoots while Andy Linda records surround sound.

The program was a hit. It is now featured on the Water Utility’s website and the Utility uses it when educating schoolchildren and the community at large about its mission.

Getting a water meter close-up.

Jaclyn Disney, our client, writes, “City staff was consistently impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, and ingenuity of the eIMAGE production crew and we highly recommend their services for any film project. We were very pleased with the outcome of this production, as eIMAGE made a relatively technical topic engaging, accessible, and educational. We anticipate working with them for future projects.”

Shooting in the treatment plant’s underground vault.