Better Video Production

A Technical Discussion

Conducting a video interview in an airplane hangar

What Makes One a Freelancer?

Like most video production businesses of our size, we depend on freelance contractors for sound recording, TelePrompting, lighting, camerawork and makeup. It’s the most efficient way to work because we only need these services for a few days a year. But these are crucial services that need to be performed by competent people, so we […]

Sound is Half the Picture (Part 2)

A lavaliere microphone is not your only choice when recording dialogue. At eIMAGE we prefer to use a shotgun microphone for most interviews and to-camera presentations. It’s the only type of mike you’d use on a fishpole. A shotgun is a large, long microphone with a “cardioid” pickup pattern; actually, a hyper-cardioid. I’ll explain. Unlike […]

Sound is Half the Picture (part 1)

If you produce a video, it will probably have sound. In fact chances are it will show someone speaking. And this is where amateur work most commonly falls short. It’s a shame, because the problem is so easy to prevent and impossible to fix after-the-fact. The solution is to use the correct external microphone. The microphone […]

Better Video Production: Introduction

My first full-time job in the video production business was in 1979. I was a news cameraman and editor in the central Wisconsin town of Wausau. The camera we used in the field was an RCA-TK76 which cost about 10 years of my salary; and I almost let a freight train run it over! Today […]