Various Clients

On occasion Andy gets a chance to go back to his roots of still photography. Of course it’s no longer about black-and-white darkroom work or color slides, but it’s refreshing to deal with “the moment” rather than a series of sequences. It’s also very rewarding to use the new digital tools of blemish removal for portraits; we can finally make people look the way they wish to see themselves, at their very best.

NOTE: The framing of these portraits is intentionally left loose so that the client can re-frame and re-shape each picture as they see fit.

Of course anyone can push a button on an iPhone and end up with a pretty decent picture, but professional still photography is about finding or supplying the perfect lighting, choosing the right lens, perhaps adding a filter, taking care with composition, waiting for or creating the perfect moment. And then color grading and touching the image up and outputting the appropriate format for the intended purpose. Now that video and photography are all digital, our experience with all these things translates perfectly between the two media. We look forward to adding products, facilities, locations and events work to our portfolio of still photography.

Our Video Production Samples:

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