Clinical Trials Medical Group Volunteer and Staff Testimonials

PAREXEL, 3 Minutes

The first project eImage and our partner Enlightened Pictures shot with our two new Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II cameras was this series of testimonials for PAREXEL, a multinational life sciences consulting firm and contract research organization. The video program explains the importance of their work expediting clinical trials.

The superhero theme was the brainchild of producer/director Tamara Oyejide. A unifying element was important for a series which was to be shot in the Los Angeles area, on the East Coast and in Europe.

All post-production was handled by Enlightened Pictures’ client, a London-based marketing agency. Even though we were proud of owning new cameras capable of shooting in 4k resolution, the client specified that they wanted to have this shot in HD.

In our humble opinion, a few things could have been improved on in post-producing this program. It seems the editor used all footage just as it came from camera. A slight bit of color grading could have optimized some images. Our sound man used two microphones (an overhead shotgun and a hidden lavaliere) and we recorded on separate audio tracks. Instead of choosing the best track, the editor mixed them and the result is phasing, a kind of watery distortion which comes and goes in some of the voices.

But the little bit of camera movement which Daniel Gamburg squeezed from his small slider definitely kicked the production values up a notch.

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