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N-95 Masks

Safe Video Production in the Age of COVID-19

Can a small company shoot video safely in the age of COVID-19?

Water Treatment and Distribution

A fun educational project shot in Redding, California.

Thumbnail for a biotech trade show video sample

Trade Show Video in a Hurry

How we delivered a trade show video in record time.

Carr Fire PSAs

We were all set to shoot an educational video about the workings of a municipal water system when a wildfire fire broke out and almost burned down both of the city’s water treatment plants. We quickly shifted gears.

eIMAGE old website

A Tale of Two Websites

Plagiarism is great, because it’s so easy… until you get caught doing it.

Hewlett Packard Day One

When directing a corporate CEO for a video shoot, treat him or her with respect, but don’t be afraid to direct them. It’s a delicate balance where your job is on the line.

Group shot in front of a big bulldozer

Land of the Giants

Shooting a safety video for miners meant being around big boy toys.

Opus 1+6 Introduction

We covered a new product introduction event, happening simultaneously in New York and San Francisco. Video production was rushed, but the longevity of the finished program was short.

Promo video in a battery manufacturing company

Lithos Energy Overview

eImage produced a video for a small battery manufacturing firm to show off their facility and capabilities.

Edit room at eImage Video Productions

4k Editing Monitor

There’s nothing like having a big desk to work on. Sort of like having the corner office, although with a big desk you get more work done. I’m not sure the same holds true for the corner office. Since we now shoot in 4k, we got a 4k monitor. But I use it mostly as […]

An online estimator for the cost of video production

Video Production Cost Estimator

How much does a video cost? How can I estimate the cost of a custom-made video? I need a video cost calculator. Accurately budgeting a video project has to be left to experienced humans, but estimating the cost of a typical business video is easy with our Video Production Cost Estimator. It’s a smart spreadsheet […]

Voiceover recording session in a video studio

Water Recycling Facility Shoot

Our partner Daniel Gamburg just finished editing a project we wrote and shot last November for the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo, Southern California. Since it’s an educational program for school groups, the client wanted a young on-camera host, so we worked with our favorite one: our 19-year-old son. His passion […]

A portable TelePrompter rig for video production

Hand-Held TelePrompter

We had a fun shoot at eBay this month thanks to our favorite Prompter operator Lorin Fink of Line by Line Teleprompting. The out-of-town client needed to prompt real employees with a mobile TelePrompter. Non-actors need all the prompting they can get, even in simple role playing situations because acting and memorizing lines is not […]

Video camera lens, side view

50mm T1.5 Prime Lens

One of the reasons we got our new FS7 video camera was for the large sensor which creates a shallow depth-of-field. This means we can focus selectively. Keep the background out of focus, not distracting during interviews. Really guide the viewer’s eyes to where we want them to look. The MetaBones lens adaptor we use […]

Shot grabbed from a TV commercial for an online tailor

How 4K Saved our Bacon

We recently shot a video demo in order to get a TV commercial project. The demo was intended to show our approach to the project, but since it was just a demo, we didn’t finish some parts. To our surprise the client liked it so much he asked us to finish off the demo itself […]

A musical revue promotional video

3-Camera Broadway Level Musical in 4k

We just delivered a fun video project: a 4k 3-camera recording of a Broadway-level musical custom-produced for a corporate client and performed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Not only was this a welcome break from run-of-the-mill corporate talking heads, but the client was an absolute pleasure to work with. In the video production […]

Host from a demo video for a water treatment project

TelePrompter and Camera Gimbal

Walking and talking is a natural of combination. But how do you record it on a video of professional quality? It can’t be shaky, but a Steadicam is too expensive for many budgets. Here is our answer: This video was shot with our Nebula 4200 5-axis gyro stabilizer and an iPad running TelePrompt +3 software. […]

Using a video camera gyro stabilizer

Gyroscopic Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

We are in the business of making motion pictures. The essence of that job is twofold: making pictures and making motion. Sometimes the subject moves and we have to follow it. Other times the subject is stationary and we have to introduce motion. Nothing will help us more with either job than our new gyroscopically […]

Drone shot of high rise buildings in Los Angeles

Camera Drone

Our partner Daniel Gamburg in LA’s Enlightened Pictures, Inc. got a new drone for video production. Yesterday he shot the first demo: Highland Park BBQ Because we work so closely with Daniel we now have a 4k camera drone in our list of in-house video production capabilities. It’s not something we’ll need every day, but […]

Buying an FS7 Camera

Buying a New FS-7 Camera

Wow, what a day! Today we bought a new Sony PXW-FS7 camera, but the story began ten days ago at NAB. My brother-in-law Daniel Gamburg (Enlightened Pictures) and I went to NAB to make a decision whether or not to buy a new camera. We determined it’s time to upgrade to 4k for a number […]

Medical Device Promo Video

Medical Device Promotional Video

We’re putting the finishing touches on a fun little project: a promotional video which shows how to use a newly introduced medical device for treating migraine headaches. A San Francisco ad agency wrote the script and developed the approach: an all-white studio limbo look. We shot the piece in one easy day at the wonderful Carter […]

Rome, Italy

Springtime in Rome

It was May, the sun was shining and I was strolling through Rome with Angie; I love my video production job! Well, technically the strolling wasn’t a part of the job, but it was camerawork which brought me to Rome in the first place. Large corporations hold various meetings all over the world to periodically bring the company’s […]

Steadicam shoot

Steadicam shoot

We just had a fun video shoot with a Steadicam. OK, it was not a chase scene through a warehouse but a corporate video, but it was still fun. We had the president of Hewlett Packard Inc. for an hour of recording. Since each video program was intended for a different audience, we could leverage a […]

Interview shoot in a living room

Video Shoot in a Living Room

We just finished shooting a corporate video interview in our living room. This may sound odd for anyone unfamiliar with San Francisco’s astronomical housing and office prices, but it’s a way to to get the job done affordably and conveniently for the client. We shoot in our house often, it’s a benefit of being a […]

Interview shoot in downtown San Francisco

Shooting in downtown SF

We spent the morning recording video in downtown San Francisco. We shot a couple of interviews and some B-Roll at the artists’ market in front of the Ferry Building. The video project was a story for the Hewlett Packard legal department. One of their lawyers did pro bono work to help an artist patent his invention […]

Video production in a classroom

Integrated Pest Management

We just finished shooting a large instructional video series on the subject of Integrated Pest Management in Schools for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The video production is a series of ten episodes, each focusing on a different pest problem in the school environment: cockroaches in the classroom, mice and rats in the kitchen, gophers in […]

From a documentary video shot in Paraguay

Shooting video in Paraguay

A corporate video project finally took me to the southern hemisphere! Daniel Gamburg and I flew to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay to do a mini documentary for Hewlett Packard showcasing a very cool application HP developed. It is a system which runs on smartphones and tablets along with a server in the main office to help organizations […]

Frame grab from a video about a marching band

Giants World Series Parade

Sometimes it’s the small video promotional programs which are the most fun. We got a call yesterday to film the Archbishop Riordan High School Marching Band participating in the San Francisco Giants World Series Victory Parade. I was a one-man-band behind camera and I had full access to the entire parade route. That gave me […]

Venice, Italy

Valentino Video for Hewlett Packard

The point was to direct a video shoot, not to play tourist in Venice, but since it was my first trip to Italy and I found myself in the neighborhood, I’d been a fool to turn down the opportunity. This video program was once again for Hewlett Packard. HP developed an online ordering system for […]

A corporate video designed to go viral

Doug Serena

Wrap your brain around this one: eIMAGE associate Daniel Gamburg directed a project for Einstein Films (which Daniel is a partner in) for their client Serena Software Inc.. Andy Linda was behind camera. “Doug Serena, CIO” is a video series destined to go viral. Written by Einstein Films partners Terry Gault and Daniel Gamburg, it is […]

Exterior of KUK Hochschule für Bodenkultur

Video shoot in Vienna

I just got back from a video shoot in Vienna for Hewlett Packard. The event was HP DISCOVER, a big trade show which brings a lot of important people together. It’s a great opportunity to interview HP customers, executives and industry movers-and-shakers because they’re all there, in one spot. The video production itself was fairly […]

Andy Linda directing in a factory

Shooting video in South Korea

I love to travel and it’s a good thing I do. Sometimes, the video production business takes me to unexpected places, often with very little notice.  This one was one of those. The video shoot was for a high-tech manufacturing company which fabricates various holders for use in the silicon wafer manufacturing process. We are […]

Camera lenses

Shallow Depth-of-Field Adapter

Let’s get a little technical about video cameras for a bit. Specifically about how the optics and the size of the image sensor affect depth-of-field. Depth-of-field describes the part of the picture which is in focus. With a shallow depth-of-field only a narrow plane, a very particular distance from the camera is in focus. Conversely, […]

Actors in a Public Service Announcement

Mr. Clueless

Everybody likes to have fun, but government video production and corporate communications rarely afford the opportunity. Our production of a series of Public Service Announcements for the City of Benicia were a welcome exception. Benicia’s Department of Public Works needed a series of Public Service Announcements produced to promote good water quality. To hold audience attention […]

Video about a laboratory procedure

Processing Blood

Sometimes the purpose of a video program we produce is crystal clear. The instructional video we’re now working on is a prime example. A local laboratory tests blood for signs of organ rejection in organ transplant patients. When the blood is collected by hospitals around the country, the blood has to be prepared in a very […]

Video shoot about financial services

Home Equity Solutions

I avoid debt if at all possible, but some reasons for borrowing are very valid if you just don’t have the cash on hand: fixing a leaky roof, a college education for your child, a car so you can get to work. That was the point of a series of videos we produced for a bank […]

Actress in a video production

Public Service Announcement Video Production

We just produced a series of Public Service Announcement videos for the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, promoting resources to combat domestic violence. The client wrote two powerful scripts. The first was a direct-to-camera address by a number of people, a testimonial that “I am a domestic violence survivor.”  This put a human […]

Video shoot at Netopia

Netopia Gateway Installation Video

We just finished editing a very straightforward instructional video program for Netopia, an Emeryville company which makes devices for network interconnectivity. This is a step-by-step description of how to unpack, install and configure a Netopia gateway. To visually jazz this program up we used our jib for great camera moves. A simple video production project that does […]

Video shoot on the campus of SF State University

Filing the FAFSA

Is it 2006-2007 yet? It is for us as we work on a couple of videos for that school year. Our client is the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and the project is an instructional video to help students file a FAFSA form in order to get financial aid for college. We’re actually working on […]

Andy Linda with his first computer

The Genesis of our Video Production Services

I like to start at the beginning and the genesis of this video production company was way before ordinary people heard of the Internet, much less a “blog”. In fact, it was around the time I got my first computer. I came to the Bay Area in 1984 after getting a Master of Fine Arts Degree […]