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Corporate communications, instructional video, educational programs, documentaries and government films are our specialty.

Andy Linda and Daniel Gamburg after their shoot in Paraguay.

Video Production Crew on Location in Paraguay

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San Francisco, California

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Terms of Business

Production Day – 10 hrs. from on-site arrival to departure, one meal break included (minimum 30 minutes if meal is provided, 1 hr. if it is not). Overtime labor rates apply thereafter:
<2 hrs.         1½ x hourly rate 2-6 hrs.        2 x hourly rate >6 hrs.         3 x hourly rate

Post-Production Day – 8 hrs., excluding meals, breaks, and downtime. Editor’s overtime labor surcharge (see above) shall be added to the basic suite rate for sessions over 8 hrs.

Travel-Only Day – Personnel at 80% production day rate. If suitable accommodations and meals are provided, per diem is waived. Equipment travels at 50% daily rate, multiple-day rentals are excluded.

Cancellation Charges – For Project cancellations, Client shall pay eIMAGE for all services satisfactorily performed to the point of cancellation, including all advance payments, expenses and production company fees. For simple shoot or edit days the following rates apply:

36-48 hr. notice                      25% personnel and equipment day rate
24-36 hr. notice                      50% personnel and equipment day rate
2 – 24 hr. notice                      80% personnel and equipment day rate
< 2 hrs. before call time        full personnel and equipment day rate

Mileage – To and from first location: first 100 miles round-trip from eIMAGE’s San Francisco office free, standard mileage rate (as defined by the IRS) plus crew time thereafter. Charges apply to travel between locations or appointments.

Expenses – shall include a 25% service charge.

Taxes – shall be added to all rates where applicable.

Quotes – All written quotes are valid for 90 days from the date of submission to Client. Oral quotes are provided as a convenience only and shall not be binding.

Payment Terms – 50% deposit prior to commencement and/or full payment upon completion of work. Eligible Clients are billed net 30 days for smaller video production services. If payment is due upon completion of work, eIMAGE shall hold Client’s materials until such payment is made. Accounts past due shall be charged a 2% per month service charge as well as all costs of collection.

Claims for Adjustment – must be made in writing within ten days from the date of the invoice. Client waives any claim for adjustment which is not presented within this time.

The Fine Print – All prices are Freight On Board Origin. eIMAGE or its representatives (referred to as eIMAGE throughout this document) assumes no responsibility or liability for program content. Client agrees to indemnify and hold eIMAGE harmless from any loss, damage, injury, or other liability arising out of video, audio, or other information contained in video programs produced or duplicated for the Client by eIMAGE or with eIMAGE’s equipment. The liability of eIMAGE for any damage or loss whatsoever arising from the processing, storing, and handling of Client’s elements (tape, film, slides, digital media, scripts, etc.) and property are limited to the replacement of raw stock in the quantity damaged. eIMAGE shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, damage, or other liability due to any cause beyond the control of eIMAGE, or connected in any way with the Client’s rental of eIMAGE’s equipment. eIMAGE shall not be held liable for consequential damages. No other warranty is expressed or implied. eIMAGE reserves the right to refuse service or rental to anyone. All terms and rates are subject to change without notice.