Video Samples for SFHSS

RFPQ #HSS2021.C1

Custom Demo
for SFHSS, 48 seconds

This is a sample of how we would create new video programs based on the style that’s already set with SFHSS’s existing New Hire video program. Think of this as a short excerpt from a yet-to-be-produced Diabetes Prevention Program video, using only stock photography and custom-designed icon animation. Just to show our capabilities we added YouTube chapters and hand-crafted closed-captioning.

Five Public Service Announcements
for City of Redding Water Utility, :30 x 5

Five PSAs which played on social media, in theatres and on the Water Utility’s website. YouTube posting has chapters and closed-captioning. Broadcast and theatrical release included 5.1-channel surround sound.

All of these spots were written, directed and edited by Andy Linda and shot with a 3-person crew. Behind-the-scene photos and more information is on our blog.

COVID Testing in the Mission
for the Mission Grocery Outlet, 2¼ minutes

A mini-documentary produced in the early, scary days of the COVID-19 pandemic, showing how a local San Francisco business does its part for the community. Produced entirely with in-house resources by eImage.

Navigating the Court System
for the Judicial Council of California
2-minute excerpt from 13½ min. program

Another example of a project eImage produced, shot and edited for a government entity in the City of San Francisco. If you find yourself in Juvenile Dependency Court, the custody of your children may be at stake. This video was created to help families navigate through the system by having an understanding of the entire process before they go through it. Two versions were made, in English and in Spanish, and released on a single DVD.

Virtual Groundbreaking
for Mission Housing, 52½ minutes

A live event shot and streamed by eImage at the Balboa Park BART station last October. We are currently working on pre-recording interviews and walk-throughs for a Mission Housing virtual ribbon cutting ceremony of a new affordable housing building at 1950 Mission St.

PAD in the African American Community

for Conrad Associates, 19½ minutes

Here is a project we’re currently working on. The video program is designed to bring awareness about Peripheral Arterial Disease to the African-American community. Ultimately it should lead to more people getting screened and treated for this potentially life-threatening condition.

eImage was tasked with not only conducting and recording all interviews and B-roll, but also with coming up with the interview questions, choosing what B-roll to shoot and in general designing the content and flow of the program. You will see some placeholders of scenes yet to be shot; this project was stalled by the COVID pandemic since our interviewee subjects are people very much at risk of COVID complications.

There is no graphical treatment applied to this Version 1.0 program yet. Graphics will be inspired by a publication which is to accompany this video program. The publication is being developed by a third party, so eImage is waiting to see its graphical approach before designing the video version.

A Decade of Climate Action Leadership
for the County of Alameda, approx. 5 minutes

Another chance to look into our pot to see what’s cooking. This is Version 0.1 of a video currently on hold due to COVID. eImage designed, wrote and edited the program to promote Alameda County’s Office of Sustainability’s work over the past decade. The edit seen here is existing footage from the County’s archives. Fuchsia on-screen text denotes what eImage plans to shoot with a 2-person crew in a 3-day production to finish the program. Narration is voiced for now by Andy Linda, the editor,  so that script changes are still easily done. The narration track with be replaced with a professional voice once the content is signed off by the client. (Recording such a scratch narration is standard workflow practice for eImage because it makes changes possible until the last moment.) Finishing off the edit will then be a trivial job. By mutual agreement this project is on hold until the County emerges from its purple COVID tier; we hope to finish well before the summer.

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Additional Samples

A wide variety of additional samples can be seen on eImage’s Portfolio Page.